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As an auto mechanic for over 40 years I began searching for an additional source of income.

Just like cars, RANGE ROVER and the KIA SOUL they do the same thing, but one costs more than the other. You can create a website using the ROVER tools or use Free ones and less costly means. The same for your web tools, you just need to know where to look and which ones to use and know some for options to keep your web costs down.

We have put an EBook together to show you how YOU can put up a website, "Website Secrets to Save You Money".
You can build and maintain a site at a very low cost!

Pello retriving his tire.
Just can't see where he is going

Chappell, Mom and sister worn out after playing hard.
Out for the count.

Chappell drying off after being outside in the rain.

Chappell and Mona warming up.