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Build Your Website

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Chapter 1. Domain Name

What is a domain name? 

To start you need is a domain name.

Chapter 2. Website building programs

Here are some huge time savers.

Chapter 3. Shopping cart programs.

You will need a shopping cart program to sell items; here are several free options.

Chapter 4. Creating & Editing images.

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Here are some software programs that are free and some low cost editing programs that do a great job..

Chapter 5. Creating & Edit videos.

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When creating a video you will want to edit it, here are several programs that work well for this.

Chapter 6. Web Hosting

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What is a web host?
You will need a hosting service for your website;

Chapter 7. FTP programs
(file transfer protocol)

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You will need an FTP program to upload and down load large files.

Chapter 8. Antivirus

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You will want some form of antivirus and a firewall; these are two free ones.

Chapter 9.
Tax programs

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You may need a sales tax program depending on what you are intending to accomplish,

Chapter 10. Backup

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I cannot stress enough to BACKUP your work (Website).

Chapter 11. SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

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Here are some places that you need to put some of your keywords.

Chapter 12. Finding Keywords

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Be very careful of the Risk-Free Trials (in everything).